4 things for women to know:

• You won’t be charged more for health insurance just because you’re a woman. For years many insurance carriers have charged even healthy women more simply because of their gender.

• You can’t be denied coverage or charged more due to pre-existing conditions, like cancer or being pregnant. You can no longer be singled out because you are pregnant or wish to start a family.

• You can choose from any primary care provider, OB-GYN, or pediatrician in your health plan’s network without a referral. You will no longer need to waste time going to a doctor just to get a referral to see your specialist or to take your infant and young children to a pediatrician.

• You’ll get free preventive care like mammograms, well-woman visits, contraception, and more. This is the biggest no-brainer inthe history of managed healthcare. Detecting diseases like breast cancer or unterine cancer in their early stages is the most cost effective strategy we have because treatments are so ungodly expensive.

Open enrollment begins on October 1, 2013. Coverage starts as soon as January 1, 2014.