The liberal media is shocked, stunned, can;t believe what Ted Cruz just proposed. And you know this just kills them they are forced to not only admit he’s is right, but they have to praise him and take back all the nasty things they have said about him over the years.

What a day for Ted Cruz – payback to all the hysterical liberals who have portrayed him as some kind of conservative monster.

They were wrong in a big way. Can we get a thousand retractions from CNN, MSNBC, and the always gross Joy Behar and the ladies of the View.

If liberals were honest they would do all these things and more. But as they are not we can take solace in the fact that they are praising the man they demonized more than anyone – save Ben Carson and President Trump.

Ted Cruz just proposed a common sense, and actually quite genius amendment that will free the logjam currently blocking the Obamacare repeal in the Senate and will make passage of the bill to clean up the Obamacare mess a sure thing.

It’s in the bag folks after Ted Cruz came through in the clutch.

What is Ted’s big idea?

According to Vox, if a health provider offered at minimum one Obamacare-compliant plan in a state, the provider would be free to offer non-Obamacare-compliant plans in that same state.

You know let the people decide what they want. Stop cramming stuff down our throats that we don’t want.

Stop making us pay for expensive regulations that are not applicable to our individual needs.

In other words, let the free market work.

Trust that the American people are not babies and are smart enough to make their own decisions.

Simple. Brilliant. Will solve the main problem we have in health care – that consumers are too far removed form the decision making process.

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