say that was true did you know no I know you sir nothing that says that that dad that I prove it no no no when I did was talk to that woman on the phone and she be just hooked me up like that that is right do you just put anything in my shit and I'm told to pay for right and then you don't even have I didn't even know it was there you don't even have access to the actual application beyond which I didn't know what was there I didn't have a clue didn't have a clue Lee she put that through I told her I didn't want it because it didn't match what their website was saying right but I kind of thought with the conversation that you were having with her I kind of figured that it was gonna go through because she just hung up on you that one time oh shit oh yeah yeah because that one time something you just lost the connection and I'm thinking this isn't gonna end good you know I mean I didn't know what else to think you have answers to my shit bye dad I thought I would have to okay this new thing I didn't know they just probably keep using whatever use it well didn't they ask you at any time on the phone if you gave them permission to do certain things no oh they didn't know this never came up let's see I had a direct deposit I had them deducted it from magic did you sign anything no is really shady to think about that that that they can withdraw they got you in for me yeah they got your information that they could just get into your bank account and hook you up for a program that you didn't even have to sign or anything for you know your written signature they got your information yeah you got your bank card yeah see that's why you don't give him your baked-on if they got that from cash yeah can't get that back what well and the other problem I see with that too is that it like if you for example if you're somebody who lives on a really tight budget which a lot of people do and then they pull that out then that ends up crude accord that's right but that still ends up over drawing for some people that's what I'm trying to tell you you don't put this shit on the card if you would that fucking tight don't put this shit on a car and you definitely don't use your bank card that's what I'm saying you should you know do stupid shit like that oh they got a road back there now they could down wanna stuff oh they're doing something else back in that direction

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