It protects your financial resources against the uncertainties of life so you can plan for the future.

  • Nearly 33% of Americans are not covered by life insurance.
  • Women are more likely to own life insurance, but 1 in 3 women have no coverage.
  • The average amount of coverage is about $150,000 per household.
  • 44% of all US households do not own life insurance, but believe they should.
  • 75% of Americans believe that life insurance is the best way to protect against premature death of a wage earner.

4 Great Reasons to Buy Life Insurance NOW.    Free online term life insurance quotes.

  1. You don’t want to gamble with your family’s financial future.
  2. The longer you wait, the more expensive it becomes.
  3. If you put it off, you may never get to it in time.
  4. It has never been more affordable.

The Major Types of Life Insurance

  • Whole life – permanent coverage that builds guaranteed cash value for your entire lifetime.
  • Term life – coverage for a specified length of time usually with no residual cash value.
  • Variable life – coverage which includes variable investment risks and returns.
  • Universal life – a type of whole life coverage which offers flexible premiums, and other options.
  • Indexed Universal Life – a type of universal life which builds cash value based upon an equity index.

How much life insurance do you need? There is no single answer to this question. It depends upon many factors like age, income, mortgage balance, amount of consumer debts, number of children, current income and anticipated future income. 

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