(slow, serious guitar music) >> Paul Batista, President of Brothers Paving and Concrete: – I'm Paul Batista, President of Brothers Paving and Concrete It's a family here

We take our healthcare very serious And the decisions that I make here, I'm not only providing an income for me, but I'm providing for the people that have decided to work here and have trusted me with their jobs Meredith, our HR person, asked me to stop by our office to talk about a quote that she received from Kaiser We sat and we had a really comfortable feeling with Susan, who's the rep from Kaiser Permanente She was answering all the, you know, the questions with really good answers, and I said, "You know what? "We're gonna take a hard look at this

" I like the idea of going to one building You see a doctor, you need blood lab work, go downstairs to get the blood work You need X-ray, you can go to the second floor and get the X-ray I thought that would be a really neat position to be in for our employees, so we made the move We moved over to Kaiser Permanente

We increased the quality of our healthcare for our employees, and we reduced the cost of healthcare The cost savings was over 30% It was big For the 30 days, 45 days, following the transition over, I'm not kidding, people come into my office, knock on the door, "Hey boss, just wanna let you know "Love Kaiser Permanente

I had a fantastic experience" >> Sarah Moylan, Brothers Paving and Concrete, Manassas, Virginia: – When we had switched to Kaiser Permanente, the cost was significantly lower than all other insurance companies we had researched, and it has been a benefit to me, being a single mother The day I went, I was able to get my general medicine, all my lab work done, all my blood work done, and also get my prescriptions, because the pharmacy's open and the quality of care has just been phenomenal >> Paul Batista, President of Brothers Paving and Concrete: – The facilities are very accessible, not only for our employees, but for employees' families That was some of the feedback that we got back is "Oh, the place is five minutes from my house

" Our office is based in Manassas, Virginia, and there's a facility that's right in Manassas, that's actually a pretty new facility We have one in Woodbridge There are a couple facilities in Maryland It really is a completely different mindset now, that, you know, it's preventive maintenance and it's way cheaper Not only that, hey, you might live longer and you might have little better quality of life

One of my favorite things about working with Kaiser Permanente is the support from Susan and the transition The transition was, like, seamless If you're interested in increasing the quality of your healthcare and reducing the cost of healthcare, Kaiser Permanente is the only way to go (slow piano music)

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