There will soon be letters that will go out to people in Virginia and Ohio — Mr Hatch: I got the point

Mr Brown: This is not a giveaway This is something that we have done bipartisan — Mr Hatch: Nobody believes in the chip program more than I I invented it

I was the one who wrote it Kennedy came over and helped to put it through Mr Brown: We recognize that, Mr Chairman

Mr Hatch: Of course I don't think I do everything on my own here I have to have good Democrat friends to do it I don't think you do either

But let me tell you something We're going to do chip, there's no question about it in my mind It has to be done the right way But we — the reason chip is having trouble is because we don't have money anymore We just add more and more spending and more and more spending, and you can look at the rest of the bill for the more and more spending

I happen to think chip has done a terrific job for people who really needed the help I have taken the position around here my whole senate service I believe in helping those who cannot help themselves but would if they could I have a rough time wanting to spend billions and billions and trillions of dollars to help people who won't help themselves, won't lift a finger and expect the federal government to do everything Mr

Brown: Will the senator yield again? Mr Hatch: Unfortunately, the liberal philosophy has created millions of people that way who believe everything they are or ever hope to be depend upon the federal government rather than the opportunities that this great country grants them I've got to say I think it's pretty hard to argue against these comments, because if you look it over, for decades now, we have been spending more than we have, building more and more federal programs, some of which are lousy, some of which are well intended, and some of which are actually good like the chip program We're going to get chip through There is no question about that

I'm going to see that it gets through Mr Brown: If the chairman will yield for one more moment Mr Hatch: I will for a question

Mr Brown: I want to make one comment about chip, if that's okay There are letters that are going to go out — my state — I so respect what you did with senator Kennedy I know your work was exemplary on it to chart the children's health insurance program I get that you were — we all so appreciate it

Mr Hatch: I wrote the doggone bill Mr Brown: We so appreciate that, Mr Chairman

My concern is that — you know some of these families When you write a bill like that, you meet a lot of these families that benefit 209,000 in my state alone Some of those kids, those parents are going to get a letter in the mail if we don't move on chip in the next week or so, they are going to get a letter in the mail that says sorry, your child's health insurance is going to expire while we're sitting here dressed pretty well I know you said you grew up with the poor people, with the poor people is how you said it the other night

But I worry that families — and these are families with jobs You know that about chip These are families making $8 or $10 or $12 an hour that don't have insurance They will get letters saying your insurance is canceled How can we let that happen? How can we let that happen, Mr

Chairman? Mr Hatch: I don't intend to let that happen I think we will get chip taken care of, and hopefully a number of other things, too But we are going to have to resolve some of these big problems around here it seems to me before we get those problems solved But to prey upon the chip program as the be all and end all here of every aspect of this bake, that isn't quite right either

I don't know anybody here who is not going to support chip when we bring it up I am one who wants to make sure we bring it up I appreciate my friend's feelings on this matter Look, I like my friend from Ohio He is sincere, he's dedicated, he's liberal and well-meaning

But I'd like to see him be a little more concerned about everybody else Let me just finish by saying that I'm happy to be in this body It's the greatest deliberative body in the world, but we're not living up to our potential And we're not doing the job We're getting into these little snits and fights around here that don't amount to a hill of beans in the final analysis

I'd like to see us all get together and start running this country in a good manner, living within our means, finding ways of increasing our economy so that we can take care of the poor better than we are right now, and doing the things that we all know we should be doing With that, I will — with that, I will yield the floor Mr Wyden: Mr President

The presiding officer: The senator from Oregon Mr Wyden: Just to respond briefly to the chairman The chairman I think said about eight times that what really ought to be the focus here is working together I so share that view, and I

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