I’d remind him and all of my Republican colleagues that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said it would lead to 13 million fewer Americans with health insurance So, we’re kicking 13 million people off health insurance to give tax cuts to the wealthy

The Affordable Care Act mandates that all Americans have health insurance If that mandate ended, some people, especially young people, would choose not to have insurance because there would no longer be a penalty Others will not get insurance because premiums are too high This isn’t the same as being kicked off Plus Schumer is using an estimate for 2025 the estimated reduction in 2019 would be four million people

As for tax cuts to the wealthy, Republicans say specifically earmarking money that would have been spent to support Obamacare for tax cuts that are targeted at the middle class The Democrats counter that the main reason for eliminating the mandate is to generate revenue to keep in place a corporate tax cut after 2027 which studies indicate will mostly benefit the wealthy Schumer is twisting the facts Although health insurance enrollment would decrease, people wouldn’t be kicked off For this, Schumer earns Two Pinocchios

Source: Youtube