Hi I'm Caleb with Curls and today we're learning 101 ways to live well every day Live Well Every Day Caleb With Curls I would not be doing my duty of the youngest Live Well champion if I didn't remind you of a very important deadline

January 31st is the deadline and for you to enroll in Covered California, the whole entire state and the world which helps you look (get health insurance) get health insurance so the deadline's good? And why do you need health insurance? Well first of all, you never plan to get sick or hurt, but take it from me life happens and doctors and medicines can get really pricey so health insurance can help you to save some money But Caleb, I'm running out of time, I don't know what to do!! Just chill! It's handled My friends at 2-1-1 Have tons of ways to help you and yes they can help us "help" insurance too Protect yourself Protect your children protect your babies Get Health Insurance! and oh don't forget to get your flu shot! It's getting nuts out here We need all the help fighting the flu we can get In fact I think this calls for a flu fighter

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