Disability Insurance Protects Your Income

May is Disability Insurance Monthdisability income insurance

If you couldn’t work because you were injured in an accident or became seriously ill, how would you make ends meet? Think about what your income provides and what would happen to your lifestyle and dreams for the future if you could no longer work and earn an income.

Many assume if they became too sick or hurt to work, they could rely on Social Security or disability insurance benefits from their employer to replace their income. Unfortunately, income from these sources is often unavailable, or just plain not enough. Even a short-term disability could eliminate years of savings.

Because the financial impact of a disability can be so devastating, many consider income protection with Disabiltiy Insurance (DI) an essential part of a sound financial plan. Give us a call, we will be more than happy to help you out. 1-800-536-7522

We represent three major carriers of disability income protection insurance. We can deliver comparison quotes usually in the same day. Call us for more information.