We all know someone who has been diagnosed with a critical illness, like a cancer, or has had a heart attack, or a stroke. In the US, someone suffers a heart attack every 26 seconds, a stroke every 40 seconds, and there are 1.4 millions new cancer cases reported each year.

Medical treatments are so advanced today that most people will survive the experience. Health insurance will pay most of the hospital and other medical bills.

The survivors usually miss a prolonged period of work until they are recovered enough to go back to work. Not only do their incomes suffer, they probably need to pay for additional unexpected services like child care, therapeutic visits, domestic help for cleaning, cooking and doing laundry, home modifications, transportation, and lodging. This probably puts a huge strain on their household finances.

Critical Illness Insurance pays cash benefits directly to the insured upon diagnosis of a covered critical illness. And best of all, you decide how to use the money. You may use it to pay the mortgage, cover the monthly household expenses, hire some help around the house, or even take a family vacation to spend some special time together. It’s up to you.

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