Here are 10 reasons final expense insurance is a great opportunity for you to build a rewarding and lucrative income.

  1. Death is for certain. Everyone is doing to die, the only question is when. Whether death is expected or unexpected it’s going to happen. It’s financially responsible to plan ahead for the sake of your loved ones.
  2. Planning for a funeral is inevitable. Everyone has a different belief about how their funeral and burial should take place. Planning for a funeral is a normal part of everyone’s life.
  3. The market is open to everyone. You don’t need prior experience to sell final expense insurance. Regardless of what your background is, you have a fair shot in this industry.
  4. You can be your own boss. Did you know that as an agent, you’ll be your own boss? If you have ever wanted to work from home or be your own boss, this is a great opportunity for you.
  5. You can work the hours that best fit your schedule. As your own boss, you get to decide what hours you’ll work. You won’t have to worry about reporting to morning meetings at the office, and you’ll be able to attend your children’s school functions.
  6. The continuing education requirements are minimal. Some sales jobs require a ton of continuing education courses each year, but the requirements for final expense insurance are not as stringent. You won’t need to worry about week-long classes or long weekend classes either.
  7. You won’t be stuck behind a desk all day. One of the major bonuses for our agents is that they are able to get out and enjoy the sunshine as they head out to appointments. You’ll need to make sales calls in order to set your appointments, but you won’t be stuck behind a desk inside all day. That’s no fun!
  8. Minimal client-servicing. Once you go to your appointment and get the appropriate paperwork filled out, the processors will do the rest. You’ll always want to answer questions when clients call, but you won’t have to process mounds of paperwork as a final expense insurance agent.
  9. Lucrative income. Did you know that selling final expense insurance can help you earn a lucrative income? You can earn high commissions early on because there is such a need for this insurance.
  10. The average policy is around $50 a month or less. These policies are super affordable, so you can feel good about helping families get prepared, and helping them do so at a minimal cost.

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